When shopping for mattresses, knowing which direction to go and which mattress is best for you, and your budget, can be a very daunting task. Mattresses range from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and sometimes it can be difficult to tell two mattresses apart and know why one is worth more than another.

Having a good mattress is important for your health and most manufacturers recommend changing your mattress out every 9 or so years. Having a mattress that is too firm or too soft can greatly affect your spine alignment, causing you to wake up in pain. The wrong mattress can also decrease your quality of sleep which can affect all aspects of your health from physical to emotional.

Having the right mattress is so important that shopping for one should not be something people dread. Knowing these 5 hidden sins of mattress manufacturers and how to avoid them will make your shopping experience something to look forward to!


1. Same Manufacturer, Different Name

The greatest sin of mattress manufacturing is the process of making the same exact mattress for different retailers, but naming them each something different.

Simmons Beauty rest, Sealy Posturepedic, Stearn’s and Foster, and many other manufacturers will put different labels on the same mattresses, dependent on which retailer they are going to.

This means that the beds can all be at different retail prices and called something different but be exactly the same. When you are bed shopping, the most important thing to pay attention to is what the mattress is made of and how it is layered.

You may find that mattresses you have been looking at, although priced differently, or boast different unique features, may actually be very similar or the same. You may even be able to use this information as a bargaining chip in price with some retailers. Pointing out that their mattress is the same as another retailer that has it marked much cheaper may score you an awesome deal.


2. Try Before You Buy

There are so many online mattress warehouses now that will tell you exactly what you need to buy in order to have the best night’s sleep of your life. The prices of online only retailers may seem a lot lower in comparison to the mattresses in the retail stores like Ashley Furniture or Bedroom Express, but just like buying clothes online, unless you’ve tried the brand before, you can’t be sure about the fit until you try it on.

Because mattress manufacturers can sell their product direct as well as sell the mattresses to retailers, sometimes you can get the bed through the manufacturer for way less.

Through a little online investigation, you can usually find out which retailers carry mattresses by the manufacturer you are looking to purchase from. Go into the physical stores and feel, sit on and lay on the mattresses until you find the one that is going to be best for you. There can be a huge difference in motion transfer, sinkage, and firmness that you may not realize until trying the mattress out.


3. Price Markups

Mattresses are one of the most negotiable retail items available because the markup is tremendous. Manufacturers and retailers can markup the price of a mattress as much as 500%. When you see your favorite bed store having a 50% off sale, that is the time to haggle prices even further.

Even when the mattresses are being offered at half price, the manufacturer or retailer is still making a killing on the product. See if you can negotiate even further to get the best deal. The key is to be bold in asking for the discount. If you don’t ask you won’t get it. Stores and manufacturers are always looking to make a profit so they are going to willingly slash prices further.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for things like free delivery or home set up. Many salesmen work off commission and will throw in freebies just to make the sale.


4. Mattress Covers

Manufacturers can produce mattress top covers for a low quality and high quality mattress that are almost identical looking for different retailers.

When retailer A sells the higher quality mattress for $1,000 and you try out the mattress and it is fantastic, then go to retailer B who has what looks like the same mattress because the top cover looks identical, and they sell the mattress for $500, you may think you are setting a great deal on the mattress, but they are not the same.

Do not let looks fool you. Make sure that you are asking about coil count, thickness, cooling ability, memory foam and all the details that are important to you before committing to a purchase. You may not be getting what you want when going with the cheaper version that looks the same.

You can also request to look at the tags underneath the top mattress cover as well to confirm if they are indeed the same mattress. Often however, the two mattresses will be completely different.


5. Don’t Take the Free Upgrade

Sometimes if a manufacturer is out of your mattress and you’ve already paid, you will get a call letting you know your mattress is out of stock, but they can give you a different version and throw in free shipping and set up, or they can offer you a free upgrade to the next best mattress, or a set that includes a free foundation.

Whatever they are offering you, it is better for you to just wait it out for your mattress that you carefully shopped for is back in stock. Sometimes the sales person calls you to let you know of the dilemma can trick you into being ok with taking an inferior product believing you got a better deal, or sell you a set that includes a lower quality mattress for the same price you paid for just a mattress when you ordered.

Either way, unless you know for certain what the person is offering you is better, like, you tried it out in the store and loved it but it was out of your price range, you are better off waiting for what you ordered to be in stock again.